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Polar mount package

The best choice for easy installation and upgrade
Polar mount package 01SA12

Model 01SA12
Input 36VDC
Load Capacity 1500N
Strock Length 200/250/300mm
Drive ACME
Full Load Speed 2.6mm / sec
Duty Cycle 20%
Temperature -26° C~65° C(-15° F~150° F)
Limit Switch Adjustable
Sensor Reed Switch Sensor
Static Load 2800N

For Dish up to 1M Max.
110° Azimuth Angle(70° E+40° W or 40° W+70° E)
20° ~80° Elevation Angle
Corrosion Resistant

01NB12(Mini) Actuator 01ON12 Polar Mount
- 01NB12(Mini) Actuator - 01ON12 Polar Mount

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