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Swing gate opener

The most economic facility for your swing gate

Swing gate opener 01AQ200

Model 01AQ200
Input 12VDC
Average Operating Current 2.0A
Gate Length 3M Max. (1.5 + 1.5)
Gate Weight 200kgs Max. (100 + 100)
Duty Cycle 20%
Overload Protection by Control Unit
Stroke Length 330mm
Drive ACME
Approx. Weight 4.5kgs
Approx. Dimension 670L x 450W x 235H mm

Control Box 01AQ-200S
Input 110/230V AC; 60/50HZ
RF Remote 433.92MHz w/Rolling Codes
Weight 2,6 kg
Dimensions 299L x 200W x 120H mm
Recharging Functions Built In (12V DC Battery not included)

Up to 20mm/sec Speed
Compact & Powerful
Stream Lined Design

Swing gate opener 01AQ-200
Swing gate opener 01AQ-200