Gate Opener System  

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Swing gate opener

THe most economic facility for your swing gate

Swing gate opener  01AQ280

Model 01AQ230
Input 12VDC
Average Operating Current 1.0-2.0A
Gate Length 2.1M (7Feet) x 2 Max.
Gate Weight 180Kgs (400Lbs)x 2 Max
Duty Cycle 20%
Overload Protection Current Detection
Stroke Length 304mm
Release Function By Tool
Approx. Weight 5Kgs
Approx. Dimension 680L x 450W x 235H mm

Control Box 01AQ-200S
Input 110/230V AC; 60/50HZ
RF Remote 433.92MHz w/Rolling Codes
Weight 2,6 kg
Dimensions 299L x 200W x 120H mm
Recharging Functions Built In (12V DC Battery not included)

RF Remote Control with Rolling Codes
Recharging Function for Backup Battery
Applicable for both Single and Dual Gates
Garden Lamp Function

Swing gate opener  01AQ-280
Swing gate opener  01AQ-280