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Satellite positioner

Smart and full function remote positioner
Satellite positioner 01WL2200

Model 01WL2200
Input 220~240V AC / 50 Hz (110V AC / 60 Hz Available)
Power Consumption(Max.) 80W
Compatible Motors 24V~36V DC
Max.Current 3.5A
Dimension(mm) 260L x 95W x 73H
Manual Control Buttons Power ON / OFF, EAST / WEST
Position Memories 99
Remote Control IR
LED Display 3 Digits
Resynchronization YES
Software Limit YES
Short Circuit Protection YES
Overload Protection Electronic

99 Programmable Memories
Manual Control
IR Remote Control
3 Digit LED Display
Software Limit Protection
Drive Dish up to 3M (Optional: 5M)